Our production facility in Changzhou, China

In 2021, UltraPure International delivered on a commitment to Chinese customers to build cleanrooms in China under the “Made in China for China” strategy.

Our 1800sq M state-of-the-art facilities in Changzhou include  QC laboratories and approx. 500sq M of Class 7 & 8 clean rooms, with an additional 350sq m of class 7 rooms planned for phase 2.


Custom design

At UltraPure International we are Brand independent, which allows us to support our customers with a non bias approach.

We assemble components from all available brands to meet our customer’s specific requirement.  Because of this, revalidation of components in the process of our customer is not necessary. This saves a lot of time and costs.


Whilst being able to assemble to a customer specific design, is a core strength, we are also developing a “Noble Specification” consisting of the highest quality components.

Components which we will stock in volume and hence be able to offer our customers a faster delivery. We would be delighted to talk to you about components you use, which we could include in our Noble Specification.  

We are also working on a Rapid Response Center, to allow us respond to customers in an emergency.  More to follow on these exciting developments…..



The pharmaceutical industry is known for their strict requirements when it comes to quality. That's why quality is one of our most important focus points.

At UltraPure International, quality is expressed through three main points: 

  1. We solely use quality products from suppliers that are manufacturing components for use in the pharmaceutical industry for many years with a proven track record.
  2. With work in dedicated ISO Class 7 certified cleanrooms and guarantee to meet our customers' requirements with high quality product delivered on time.
  3. The assemblies are shipped with a CoC of the assembly, including Bill of Materials with all Lot numbers for each component. When applicable a Certificate of Irradiation is provided as well.


Practical info

Name organisation: Ultrapure (Changzhou) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. 傲优(常州)生物科技有限公司
Street Building No 16, Xin Yu Logistics Park, Renmin Road No 8, 
Zipcode and place YaoGuan, Wujin, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province
Country China
Phone number +86 (0)519 8841 1105
E-mail address info@ultrapure-international.com.cn