Comprehensive solutions for unique needs


Every customer has unique needs and requirements. That's why we offer comprehensive solutions that are custom-made to fit your specific application.

Our team of experts is dedicated to providing high-quality products and services that meet the latest standards and regulations in the Life Science industry. From solution design to production and quality control, we have the expertise and flexibility to deliver the ultimate solution for your application.


Custom design

UltraPure International manufactures single-use systems according to customer specifications by open architecture concept.

At UltraPure International we work very close together with our customers. Our biggest advantage is that we can work fully brand-independent, also known as open architecture design. That's why we can assemble the components from all different available brands and meet our customer requirements. Because of this, revalidation of components in the process of our customer is not necessary. This saves a lot of time and costs.
By studying the current processes together with our customer we will determine the best solution for the assembly. This process starts by making a design on paper. When the design is approved by our customer, we will design a prototype. The final product will be defined when everybody is satisfied with the prototype.
Revalidation is not necessary: UltraPure International can be your first and second source at the same time! When a certain componant isn't available, because of our brand independency, we are able to advise our customers for the best alternative component to use.

Flexibility in design, operations and services

UltraPure International is flexible in many ways. Because of our brand-independency we can be flexible in the development of the assembly.

We will advise our clients, but never push them to use certain packages, products or brands. We offer a flexible approach and stay in dialogue with our customers to help them in any way we can. We have a highly educated staff with up-to-date experience with single-use systems in the bio-pharmaceutical industry.

Our brand-independency allows us a quick access to all products and brands. For this reason we can offer our clients a short delivery time (depending on availability of components).


UltraPure International is following the highest quality standards and requirements in life sciences industry.

The pharmaceutical industry is known for their strict requirements when it comes to quality. That's why quality is one of our most important focus points. At UltraPure International, we solely use quality products from suppliers that are manufacturing components for use in the pharmaceutical industry for many years.

Our departments

Solution design

We specialize in custom-made solutions designed with open architecture, in close cooperation with the customer and end-user. We have a flexible design process that ensures consistent quality of assemblies by selecting compliant components that meet the requirements of end-users and fit together. We also offer a variety of options for dedicated customer component stock to obtain short lead-times and high availability.

Supply Chain, Planning & Logistics

We offer a range of services to help inventory and supply chain. We have storage capabilities to offer the possibility of vendor-managed inventory (VMI), and we can provide custom shelf life requirements on components. We also have a strong network of sales partners with single-use knowledge and technical support in the field.


We provide high-quality custom-made solutions with no limitations on order- and batch size or product complexity. We can offer prototyping and rapid response options, customized packaging and labeling, and 100% visual quality control. Our controlled environments meet ISO 14644 standards, and we qualify equipment and utilities to ensure continuity and quality.


Our Quality department is committed to providing the highest level of quality assurance for our customers. We offer a wide range of testing services, including particulate matter testing, bacterial endotoxin testing, bioburden testing, and more. Our operations are certified according to cGMP methodology and the latest requirements from the Life Science industry. We also provide training for partners and end-users in regulatory compliance, cGMP, and other areas.

Rapid Response

To better serve our customers, we offer a Rapid Response service. Where we can fast track prototypes for “Form, Fit & Function” and also produce assemblies for emergency requirements.

This is based on stocking the highest standard components from our extensive supplier base.  We refer to these components as our “Noble Specification”. So whilst we will endeavour to produce exactly what you require, if delivery is an issue we may suggest an alternative high quality component, from our Noble Specification inventory.

Should we not have the components in stock, then we will reach out to our network of distribution companies (all part of the Indutrade Network) to see if they have the component required. 

Just in Case meets Just in Time

We realise the supply chain is under serious pressure. Should we not have the components to meet your demand, we are happy to work with you on an inventory program, so that we stock the inventory for when you need it. 

We are here to help you. Please feel free to reach out to the UltraPure International partner in your country, to discuss your requirements.