Brand independent integrator


We are excited to share with you our expertise in providing custom-made single-use systems and packaged components for the (bio)pharmaceutical and Life Science industries.

Our open architecture design and brand independency allow us to fully comply with customer specifications and offer good alternatives in case of supply chain disruptions. If you have any questions about our services, please don't hesitate to ask!

Despite their distinct brand names and identities in their respective countries, all of our sales partners are all part of Indutrade. As a result, all companies collaborate closely to leverage our collective expertise and provide our customers with the most comprehensive solutions and value in the market. We are proud of the strong and sustainable relationships we have fostered with our partners, and we consistently support and assist each other whenever needed.


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Our core values

Custom design

Our years of experience and brand independancy gives us the following advantages. 

  • Single-use systems designed to customer specifications.
  • Access to broad range of brands/components for compliance and alternatives.
  • Additional tests/documentation supported based on specification.


Flexibility is more than just speed and stock. We offer you the following: 

  • Packaging and labelling customized to customer specs.
  • Barcoding and brand identification on labels.
  • Exclusive stock management for reduced lead times and process continuity.
  • Scheduled deliveries based on JIT or Kanban principles.
  • Prototyping services for design validation.


Quality is inevitable in the pharmaceutical industry. So ofcourse this is one of UltraPure international's core values. 

  • Products/services consistently meet specifications.
  • 100% visual inspection on all systems.
  • Certificate of Conformance and irradiation provided.
  • Sterility program meets ISO11137 standards.
  • Cleanrooms meet ISO14644-1 class 7 in production
  • cGMP standards applied for pharmaceutical industry requirements