UltraPure International is following the highest quality standards and requirements in life sciences industry.

The pharmaceutical industry is known for their strict requirements when it comes to quality. That’s why quality is one of our most important focus points. At UltraPure International, quality is expressed through three main points:

  1. We solely use quality products from suppliers that are manufacturing components for use in the pharmaceutical industry for many years.
  2. With the use of a white room and a minimum class 7 certified cleanroom, we guarantee to work as clean as possible.
  3. The assemblies are shipped with a CoC of the assembly, including Bill of Materials with all batchnumbers and all the original CoC’s from individual components. When applicable a Certificate of Irradiation is provided as well.

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Latest news

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Developments COVID-19 and its impact on UltraPure International services

Our operations are aligned with the Dutch government-issued measures to limit the spread of the corona virus. We do our utmost to protect the health of our customers, employees and suppliers, while keeping our services at the highest level possible. Therefore, UltraPure International...

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Expansion of cleanroom capacity
Expansion of cleanroom capacity

In June 2020, we have opened our renewed cleanroom accommodation. 100m2 of new cleanroom space (Class 7) available for the production of single-use assemblies.

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