Our partner in China

GEFA UltraPure China offers solutions for the bio-pharmaceutical industries with our comprehensive Life Science product range. With our large number of internal and external partners, we have an excellent know-how and want to find the best brand independent solution for you system. Custom design, flexibility and quality are very important to us and make us a reliable partner.

Part of UltraPure International Group

GEFA Ultrapure is one of many companies in the Ultrapure International Group, a leading supplier of Process Equipment Engineering Solutions into the Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Biotechnology Industries.

All the companies in the groep are members of Indutrade AB, an international industrial group, selling and manufacturing high-tech products and solutions to improve our customer's process.


Our focus

GEFA Ultrapure offers technical solutions for the bio-pharmaceutical industry with our comprehensive Life Science product portfolio.

Our experienced team is focused on customer's requirements and match them with innovated solutions from our supplier partnerships. Our strengths in this industry are in our ability to custom design products, our flexible approach, and the emphasis we put on quality.


Practical info

Name organisation: GeFa UltraPure
Street Building1,IOT Industrial Park, No.4012
Zipcode and place Wuhe Avenue, Longgang District, Shenzhen
Country China
Phone number +86 (0)755 8452 8460/80
E-mail address enquiry@gefa-ultrapure.com.cn
Website www.gefa-ultrapure.com.cn/