Our partner in Finland

YTM-Industrial specializes in the sale, design and after-sales services of technical equipment, components and systems for the industrial sector in Finland. Our goal is to provide a customer-oriented, techno-economical and sustainable solution to all our customers’ challenges. Single-use products complement our range of process technology solutions including filtration and purification.

Enabling Succes with Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable products and solutions are at the heart of our operations.

With our solutions our customers can achieve better reliability, longer service life and productivity, better energy efficiency, safety and employee well-being. We focus on waste management and lowering our carbon footprint with our committed employees while developing our processes and operations for better efficiency and risk-free operations.

YTM-Industrial is certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards by Inspecta as part of our quality management system. We are a constantly growing company with solid financial status and an excellent credit rating. Our customers can trust us to do what we promise. 


Expertise Close to the Customer

More than anything we are a customer-centric solution provider. Our technical knowledge and expertise are what our customers expect from us.

Our solutions are based on high quality products from selected market leaders. Our goal is to provide solutions that are optimized for the customer's needs, adding value to our customers’ production and products.

Our technical knowledge and expertise are what our customers expect from us

Our strong expertise as a provider of clean solutions is a combination of our measurement and process technology expertise combined with the expertise from the long-time filtration and purification experts from Colly Company, which as a company merged with us on November 1, 2021.

Practical info

Name organisation: YTM Industrial
Street Tiilenlyojankuja 9 B
Zipcode and place 01720 Vantaa
Country Finland
Phone number +358 29 006 150
E-mail address sales@ytm.fi
Website www.ytm.fi